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Top 10 Cyber Security Solution Providers in Europe - 2018

Cybersecurity has evolved into a unified ecosystem that facilitates multiple solution sets, as opposed to a collection of software with various functionalities. Companies have begun exploring numerous security countermeasures securing individual data sets over out of the box solutions that claim to safeguard organizations entirely. As these unified systems evolve into a digital conglomerate, cybersecurity solution providers are augmenting a myriad of technologies that could supplement a company in ensuring the safety of enterprise data sets.

Artificial intelligence, among the various genres of data analysis, has proven to be a groundbreaking avenue for industry leaders, owing to its machine learning capabilities that enhance the compilation of data sets selectively by filtering redundancies. Case in point: an organization from Australia has developed a text-intelligent solution that recognizes dependencies and relationships among structured and unstructured datasets, thereby helping law enforcers to combat cybercrimes. Similarly, companies are leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence to predict and forecast threats that are looming around the corner. Collectively, these efforts constitute ‘Cyber Threat Intelligence,’ a concept that focuses primarily on protecting an organization’s critical infrastructure and intellectual assets.

On the same note, Enterprise Security Magazine's current edition lists “Top 10 Cyber Security Solution Providers in Europe 2018” that hold expertise in helping businesses implement the best technologies. The list presents to you some of the most prominent organizations in the cybersecurity ecosystem, capable of leading their clients towards excellence by supporting them extensively. By obtaining direct support from these eminent solution providers, companies can ramp up their operations for greater success.

    Top Cyber Security Solution Providers in Europe

  • Boxcryptor is a market leader in providing cybersecurity solutions with its end-to-end encryption software optimized for cloud storage. Supporting more than 30 providers, Boxcryptor is optimized for use with cloud storage providers such as Dropbox, iCloud, and Microsoft OneDrive for Business. Cloud computing has become part of day-to-day life and is drastically changing. The focus of the company is to make complex security solutions easy to use for the businesses by keeping control of their data. Data security in the cloud has become the highest priority, and hence, the company provides cloud storage security software, on-the-fly encryption for cloud storage and secure file access sharing.

  • Comcrypto is a specialized cybersecurity solution provider in the encryption of enterprise communication. The company has been working on in the field of encrypted e-mail to secure communication and make optimum security user-friendly and cost-effective. Cryptography has become a part of digital applications and communication solutions. Cryptographic systems based on standards like PGP or S/MIME provide high-level security but are complex and time-consuming. Concrete implementations like certificate hierarchies have become an easy target or of attacks on e-mails due to these complexities. Comcrypto designs products for enterprise architectures using new, future-proof principles for encryption.

  • cyan AG provides unique white-labeled solutions to B2B2C customers giving them security in the growing mobile networks. The cybersecurity solutions company specializes in data analytics and IT security since the 1990s. Cyan offers easy-to-use mobile security solutions to its diverse client base that includes mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), mobile network operators (MNOs), banks, and insurance groups. They operate their own research and development centers in Sopron and Hungary. The company guarantees its clients to own technologies that are always cutting edge.

  • ReaQta is a leading cybersecurity solutions company that provides a highly intelligent, AI-powered endpoint threat response solution to organizations of all sizes to monitor and remediate online threats. Their endpoint threat response platform is powered by artificial intelligence which is capable of detecting new and previously unknown cyber threats, ranging from juvenile ransomware to complicated in-memory only attacks. They are the first company on the market to develop a Nano OS which is able to acquire data from endpoints at silicon level while completely isolating the security from threats. They specialize in data protection, artificial intelligence, malware protection, data exfiltration prevention, and advanced persistent threat protection.

  • Secucloud delivers a cloud-based security as a service platform that scales automatically and has the ability to support millions of connected devices. The distinctive system of the company, Elastic Cloud Security System (ECS2), empowers markets and target groups such as small businesses and home offices, mobile communications and landline consumers to enjoy the advantages of enterprise-level security solutions. The system is designed by combining a wide range of security systems to fight the challenges dispensed by cloud applications, IoT, and mobility at present by providing security in real time.

  • SmartLockr is a cybersecurity solutions company with security standards that eliminates gaps in email security. Implementing this platform makes receiving and sending emails much safer than the regular method. The company helps prevent the chances of a data breach by about 97 percent with the use of user-friendly and safe application to safeguard the client data. SmartLockr was called in for a growth program which was being conducted by Microsoft. The resulting platform was extremely user-friendly and secure, also reduced the chance of human error. SmartLockr has a web portal, which helps organizations to prevent receiving unsafe files and rule out data leaks.

  • TEHTRIS is a France-based cybersecurity solution provider which is specialized in cutting-edge IT security technologies. The company provides resources required to counter the present threats faced by businesses by understanding the methods and techniques of hackers such with regard to business intelligence, hackers, and computer warfare. The defensive cyber weapon system of the company called eGambit includes endpoint security, SIEM, and artificial intelligence which safeguards the trust, confidentiality, discretion, and specific standards of protection of businesses.

  • Anomali


    Anomali is a leading cybersecurity solution provider that aids to detect and respond to cyber threats. The company provides a platform to its clients to understand adversaries detects threats and effectively respond accordingly. Anomali strengthens the security teams of the organizations with machine learning by optimizing threat intelligence and identify suspicious or malicious traffic and hidden threats targeting their environments before it breaches the company’s network. This platform is widely adopted by leading enterprises and ISACs that permits companies to collaborate and share threat information among trusted communities. The preferred partner store of Anomali is a unique cybersecurity marketplace that provides instant access to a growing catalog of threat intelligence providers, threat analysis tools, and integration partners.

  • Check Point

    Check Point

    Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. is a premier provider of cybersecurity solutions to private companies and government organizations across the globe. The increasing rate of malware and ransomware attacks has affected almost every organization of the industry today. Therefore, the solutions of Check Point protect customers from these fifth-generation cyberattacks by delivering new Gen V advanced threat prevention. It protects all networks, mobile operations, and the cloud against all familiar attacks integrated with the most comprehensive and intuitional single point of a control management system.

  • Matrix24


    One of the leading players in cybersecurity landscape, Matrix42 AG, a Germany-based company, distributes and implements software solutions globally. With its software, the company provides its clients with a simple and secure digital environment. Its offering combines multiple disciplines including unified endpoint management, automated endpoint security, software asset management, and IT service management. Through its MyWorkspace system, Matrix42 allows users to access data or applications from any device in a secure manner. With MX42 Workspace Management, the company allows its clients to securely and with compliance, manage devices, application, and processes.