Top 10 Cyber Security Solution Providers in Europe - 2018

TEHTRIS: Holistic Cybersecurity with Enhanced Endpoint Protection

CIO VendorLaurent Oudot, Co-CEO and CTO
“Everyone is increasingly working in the digital world: people with smartphones, tablets, IoT, laptops and desktops, and companies with data being transmitted to and from very same devices, servers, data centers, and other processing nodes. However, given the number of large-scale intrusions worldwide, it can be easily concluded that cybersecurity hasn’t taken off during the last decade from a technical point of view,” begins Laurent Oudot, co-CEO and CTO at TEHTRIS. With limited time and budget, protecting an increasing number of devices, with complex and open infrastructures, against an ever-growing number of advanced threats becomes a ‘mission impossible’ for white hats and IT Security teams.

“At TEHTRIS, we decided to improve this situation with a simplified equation,” says Oudot. The company brings to the table an efficient solution that goes beyond outdated models. TEHTRIS Endpoint Security agents use automated analysis with robots and Artificial Intelligence engines, building large threat intelligence databases worldwide, on a 24/7 basis. With a living product powered by sharp technologies, TEHTRIS focuses on helping security officers to understand, detect and mitigate issues as quick as possible. TEHTRIS offers a new take on cybersecurity using enhanced endpoint protection, which correlates security events to determine whether something is amiss on a protected workstation or server.

TEHTRIS delivers all-round security with high-quality service by deploying integrated proprietary on-premise and cloud-based software combining asset inventory, security audits, SIEM, NIDS, Endpoint Detection and Response, Honeypots, and Forensics, with unified machine learning enhanced SOC analytics. These services are coupled with security threat monitoring, breach assessment, and incident response. Oudot elaborates, “We have developed a solution ‘eGambit’—a defensive cyber-weapon system that is technically efficient and regularly tested by international and independent organizations.” eGambit’s flagship solution utilizes the eGambit Artificial Intelligence engine created by the engineers at TEHTRIS.
The eGambit Endpoint Security agent, running on UNIX and Windows, is one of the key components proposed in the full eGambit product, a complete Cyber Defense Arsenal. The product comes with an application that centralizes security events throughout the infrastructure or runs unknown elements in various tools. TEHTRIS also proffers advanced features like the SIEM for the workstations and remote Audits. Companies that improve their IT security with eGambit Endpoint Security often harden it with eGambit SIEM, which offers security correlations from firewalls, proxies, servers, antiviruses, and the like. These events are collected and centralized in a local and secured appliance for further investigations and if need be for evidence purposes. Consultants and customers can check for wide patterns and low signals indicating a stealthy attack. The Endpoint Security agent uses automated analysis with robots and AI engines, building large threat intelligence databases that function round the clock across the globe.

We create and offer our solution 'eGambit' that goes beyond outdated models, such as the signatures-based one used by antiviruses

eGambit solutions adapt to both Fortune 500 companies’ requirements and small and medium-sized businesses. “We are known for the cost-effective detection of security incidents,” says Oudot. The best results were obtained on the infrastructure of a customer working in 15 countries worldwide. The deeply compromised company was seeking a worldwide forensics operation on several thousand Windows devices, together with enhanced security monitoring and massive cleaning. The eGambit Endpoint Security agent was deployed in a day, and on discovering that 20 percent of the client infrastructure was broken, TEHTRIS created global indicators of compromise and quarantine and cleaning procedures. In less than a week, the customer had the worldwide Windows environment protected.

eGambit Home, a free application released by TEHTRIS in 2018, aids Android devices in fighting against cybersecurity threats. The company’s eGambit Endpoint Security agent currently protects customers in countries like the US, Canada, the UK, Brazil, China, Saudi Arabia, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Spain, Belgium, and France. Moving forward, TEHTRIS aims to maintain its product quality while helping more companies worldwide, and eventually use eGambit Home and its translations to benefit individuals as well as companies.