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SmartLockr, powered by AttachingIT: A New Frontier for Secure Business Communication

Hans de Graaf, CEO, SmartLockrHans de Graaf, CEO
Despite the rise of social media and other communication avenues, emails continue to form the core of business communications. While there are several reasons for the preponderance of email, it is also true emails have been directly/indirectly responsible for multitudes of data leaks and cyber-attacks over the years. This calls for enterprises to invest in strategic solutions to ensure email security and abide by new data privacy regulations. With the founding principle to eliminate risks of a data breach due to human error, SmartLockr-powered by AttachingIT was born. Having developed a new encryption method that ensures compliance and data breach prevention for now and the future, SmartLockr offers multiple security levels to allow secure transmission of documents. With Hans de Graaf at the helm as the CEO, SmartLockr launched its first iteration of Outlook add-on through the Microsoft Accelerator Program in 2014. “Our solution ensures that organizations can continue using email as a communication tool while maintaining the safety standards of today,” explains de Graaf.

Instead of developing a new email program, SmartLockr integrates with email clients such as Outlook to secure an organization’s incoming and outgoing email traffic. Followed by a quick plug and play setup, SmartLockr extracts the privacy-sensitive content from the sender’s emails and places it into a secure HTTPS portal with multifactor authentication. The email content then undergoes AES and RSA encryption before it gets stored in the cloud or the client’s on-prem facility, depending on what fits them the best and their future policies. On the recipient end, the user gets a link to the information, which can be accessed only through (multi-factor) authentication. “SmartLockr’s end-to-end encryption eliminates the possibility of any backdoor attacks,” adds de Graaf. The solution is built to work for every industry vertical and allows businesses to maintain GDPR compliance in a hassle-free manner.

Our solution ensures that organizations can continue using email as a communication tool, but with the safety standards of today

The plug and play nature of SmartLockr’s solution eliminates the need for making any changes into the client’s traditional architecture and works right after it is installed on the client side. Furthermore, what’s more unique about the solution is that it leverages machine learning technology to understand the content of an email and can alert the users relating to incorrect senders prior to sending the email.

While further elucidating SmartLockr’s capabilities, de Graaf recollects an interesting case study. One of SmartLockr’s clients is a large multinational shipping company who experienced the repercussion of an email hijack. The hijacked email consisted of sensitive financial information related to several bank accounts. As a result, the company faced huge losses when their money—that was intended to reach the bank accounts mentioned in the email—got transferred into wrong accounts. Realizing the depth of the problem at hand, the shipping company approached SmartLockr for a permanent solution for solving their email vulnerabilities. Ever since the installation of SmartLockr’s add-on for Outlook, the client has been confident in sending and receiving sensitive information through email without fearing the risk of data leaks. Similarly, SmartLockr’s solution has found its application in a variety of verticals that deal with sensitive information over emails including care, government, finance, legal, and stock exchange.

Out of the millions of startup ventures, SmartLockr is one of the few success stories that has been growing by 15 percent every month. The company has displayed its technological prowess across The Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Ireland, to name a few. Gearing up for the future, SmartLockr takes inputs from customers across different verticals, to constantly improve their product offerings. Furthermore, SmartLockr plans to infuse stronger machine learning capabilities, which will help users in countering future email threats and eliminate errors.