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Elysium Security: Combining Offensive and Defensive Skills for Enhanced Security

Sébastien Dartigalongue, CEO & Co-Founder, Elysium SecuritySébastien Dartigalongue, CEO & Co-Founder
In the age of digitization, cloud and multiple interconnections between information systems, it is of utmost importance for businesses to maintain control of their organizational data. However, businesses are finding it extremely difficult to control data with hardening regulations, multiplying cyber attacks and a lack of experienced IT security resources. As an expert in the cybersecurity landscape, Elysium Security offers innovative services and solutions with the required business knowledge of current and future needs to safeguard organizational data. The company provides a perfect blend of offensive and defensive security measures to combat or mitigate risks. “Elysium assists in identifying risks, securing sensitive data and implementing the right technical and organizational security measures,” explains Sébastien Dartigalongue, co-founder and CEO of Elysium Security.

Elysium offers a wholesome security package to clients by providing a set of solutions as well as services. The company’s Nemesis software suite provides a unified, intelligent, orchestrable and fully configurable defense to adapt to both external and internal threats continuously. The solution’s SIEM module consists of security event management (SEM) and security incident management (SIM) solutions. While SEM looks after the collection and processing of events generated by the different supervised assets, SIM handles the correlation and post-event analysis of collected events. By offering a centralized way to supervise IS security, Nemesis enables clients to detect simple and complex attacks internally or externally. In case of an anomaly detected, the solution provides instant incident management and digital investigation to clients. Further, Nemesis offers centralized supervision of the entire IS security from a single interface that shows strategic and operational security indicators.
Clients can always search for historical data using Nemesis’ secure and optimized archiving of incidents. “We empower clients with a comprehensive, intelligent and a fully customizable solution that complies with applicable standards and regulations,” says Dartigalongue.

Because this type of solution requires permanent operation by security teams, Elysium offers customers a Security Operations Center (SOC) service (24/7). Throwing light on the services offered by Elysium, Dartigalongue talks about the company’s defensive and offensive security teams that aid in protecting clients from attacks. Elysium’s defensive security teams or blue services defend and protect enterprise assets by anticipating threats and taking into account the specific regulations of each context. On the other hand, the company’s offensive security teams or red services carry out targeted intrusion, investigation, trace detection and response actions in the event of an attack. The company’s ability to perform penetration testing is also a core differentiator for Elysium in this marketplace. “Our experts work together, whatever the need, to provide a response covering all aspects of protection: technical, regulatory, procedural,” remarks Dartigalongue.

Illustrating the effectiveness of Elysium’s best of breed solutions and services is a client whose information systems had been paralyzed for several hours due to security incidents. With Elysium experts and solutions in place, the client was able to mitigate the incident in a few hours while continuing their important activities. He also highlights how the company has proven beneficial in the adoption of the GDPR compliance and helped clients benefit from the financial advantages associated with better structuring and protection of their data.

Elysium is constantly working toward the development of its activities around the structuring of service offering a quick response to concrete security problems to clients. “Not all of our customers have internal security teams, and some issues require an urgent response. This is why we offer a direct contact with one of our experts to assist them on a daily basis,” says the CEO. Besides, the company is focusing on enhancing its Nemesis solution suite by bringing more functionality and better protection features such as Active Response module, Endpoint Detection and Response module.