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Comcrypto: Redefining E-Mail Communication through Quantum Ready Encryption

Georg Nestmann, Managing Director, ComcryptoGeorg Nestmann, Managing Director
When PRISM was brought into existence, the fundamental principles of confidentiality were compromised, highlighting vulnerabilities that could be used to breach internet communications. Codename PRISM is an operation led by the United States National Security Agency (NSA) to monitor internet communications under Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act of 2008. At that time, the most widely spread security standards were based on technology that was more than 20 years old, and if not used properly, they were easily decryptable by powers such as NSA. It subsequently brought the loopholes in asynchronous communication and data security and privacy to the limelight. This revelation inspired Comcrypto—a company pioneering in cybersecurity—to revitalize the security of internet communication to provide stronger encryption and reduce the administrative efforts.

Comcrypto delivers a concoction of innovative, well-defined security products for endpoints, connections, backends, data centers, and communications. The company’s flagship product Mail Exchange Gateway (MXG) is crafted to secure asynchronous, end-to-end communications, in line with an enterprise’s mail servers. “Enterprises develop powerful networks of protected e-mail communication such as enterprise-enterprise, enterprise-employee, enterprise-customer, and hence, there is no need for unencrypted emails. Through MXG, we envision to fulfill the need for crypto-agility and dynamic identity validation for security standards,” says Georg Nestmann, managing director of Comcrypto. The company amalgamates an endpoint application—Encuritywith MXG to seamlessly necessitate communication among peers within the network. “We are happy to provide our product “Encurity” for private use at zero cost, thus giving back something valuable to the community we live in,” adds Nestmann.
Comcrypto’s products are designed to combine at least two different ciphers during encryption, in order to ensure data protection even in an unlikely decipherment of one of the algorithms. To bolster this security functionality, Comcrypto provides modularized libraries that enable stacking and/or switching of cryptographic algorithms instantaneously. The MXG solution reduces installation hindrances while also offering a pay per use model and a preconfigured virtual machine for clients. All these feature sets and functionalities constitute a user-friendly email gateway, designed for the security requirements of the current day and age.

The company’s portfolio of solutions also helps clients comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations. One of the company’s recent interactions with a large German clearing house substantiates the effectiveness of Comcrypto’s end-to-end security solutions. Faced with the dilemma of unprotected communications, the client was forced to go back to fax machines as an immediate resolution. However, this resulted in daily communication becoming expensive and unorganized, in addition to burdening employees with more responsibilities. Collaborating with Comcrypto, the German clearing house encrypted all outbound communications and withheld passwords and keys from the staff, allowing the IT systems to decide which type of encryption is appropriate for the equivalent correspondences.

As an extension to its technology stack, Comcrypto is planning to offer a solution that enables encryption of a single message on multiple devices of an individual through cryptographic identification, in addition to its native plans of developing quantum save technology. It would potentially allow clients to take secrecy and privacy to a whole new level. “Since the inception of Comcrypto in 2015, our vision is to deploy quantum save technology with our privacy products. Communication secured by Comcrypto resists today’s decryption approaches by design, and this is just the beginning of our journey. We are expecting quantum computing in decryption scenarios by no later than 2023, and we are persistently working on strengthening our quantum resistant cryptographic design,” adds Nestmann. Comcrypto upholds the principle “privacy is a fundamental right” by contributing to the confidentiality of email communications, thereby consistently overhauling its product portfolio to empower enterprises with state-of-the-art security functionalities.