Top 10 Cyber Security Consulting/Services Companies in Europe - 2018

BESECURE LLC: Offering Holistic Solutions for Security and Compliance Needs

Andreas Lalos, CEO & Co-Founder, BESECURE LLCAndreas Lalos, CEO & Co-Founder
The advent of big data and the proliferation of digitization into the network space have led to a parallel upsurge in the number and complexity of cybersecurity issues. However, businesses are finding it increasingly strenuous to comprehend and mitigate these security risks with a silo product or platform, owing to the continually evolving nature of the cyber attacks. “The more we grow and evolve as a society and the more we depend on information exchange for doing businesses, the more vulnerable we are,” says Andreas Lalos, CEO & Co-Founder at BESECURE. Offering a comprehensive solution to address new compliance requirements and increasingly complex information security issues, BESECURE aids its customers to tackle each critical component of their security program. Instead of addressing just a few aspects of cybersecurity, as adopted by most security solutions these days, BESECURE offers its clients a rather holistic approach to deal with various characteristics from policy and processes to organizational elements. Founded in 2006, BESECURE is owned and managed by experienced IT professionals with sound knowledge in the cyber security field.

BESECURE solutions and services focus on four specific domains to help enterprises efficiently manage the security of their information assets including financial information, intellectual property, and employee details, or information entrusted to them by customers or third parties. The company offers Governance, Risk, and Compliance Services (GRC Services) that address the audit & assurance, risk & compliance, continuity and incident management needs of their customers. The second division relates to the delivery of Enterprise Security Solutions that deal with challenging aspects such as fraud prevention, threat detection & response, identity & access management, IoT security, cloud security and information protection, among others.
BESECURE’s Managed Security Services strengthen its customers cyber defence programs often at a fraction of the cost of in-house security resources utilizing BesecureCloud big data and supercomputing capabilities. Through established Security Operations Center and innovative security solution offering as a service provides next generation EAL 3+ certified hybridSIEM service supported by big data, threat intelligence and user behaviour analytics. BESECURE also enhances its clients’ awareness of security threats and countermeasures by offering comprehensive vendor-neutral business continuity, information security, ISO 27001, risk management certification on-premise or e-learning training courses and awareness briefings for executive management, security and system administrators and corporate users.

In one instance, BESECURE was successfully able to offer their services to a leading telecom company that had previously dealt with many compliance requirements and security issues. By building an integrated management system, BESECURE was able to address the organization’s security requirements while complying with multiple national and cross-country regulations. Being aware of their customers’ organizational procedures and practices also helped BESECURE to provide a customer fit training and awareness programs across various teams helping the organization enhance their awareness regarding the importance of cyber security. Through HybridSIEM, a BESECURE managed service offering, the organization was benefit from BESECURE’s threat intelligence combined with security expertise for the protection of their critical infrastructure.

“Since cybersecurity is becoming more complicated each day, we make sure to stay up to date about the latest technological advancements in the field of cybersecurity, particularly in the areas of IoT and cloud outsourcing” says Andreas Lalos. BESECURE has built their business model in a way that encourages the active exchange of knowledge by continually collaborating with the best of breed vendors or research centres across the globe. BESECURE LLC, a United States origin company, has established subsidiaries in Belgium, Greece and Cyprus supporting customers from Western Europe, Southeast Europe and Middle East. BESECURE is planning to further expand its operations across the globe and especially in Middle East through the establishment of a new territory subsidiary.