Cyber Security and the Enhancement of Cyber Resilience

By Geir Arild Engh-Hellesvik, CISO, NSB-KONSERNET

Geir Arild Engh-Hellesvik, CISO, NSB-KONSERNET

The recent past has been a testament to how gadgets can play the role of building blockades of Enterprise solutions. Even in our everyday lives, as we are marching towards a context-aware functional world, we require assistance from the smart gadgets. We are already aware of voice-activated virtual assistants like Alexa from Amazon, Siri from Apple, Google assistant, and Samsung Bixby. These software agents can perform tasks or services for an individual. Increased reliability on such smart- gadgets over time calls for the protection of data and that is when Cyber security comes into play. In an interview with Enterprise Security Magazine, Geir Arild Engh- Hellesvik, Chief Information Security Officer, NSB-KONSERNET talks about the recent cyber security trends that are causing a paradigm shift in various industries.

On Ensuring Maximum Data Security

It is a challenge in itself to keep up with the technological trends to ensure maximum data security but to mitigate the challenges you need to get the fundamentals right. The first is tackling with the challenges associated with IoT. We have developed our Security Control layout, besides that a well-managed IT Staff and our cloud providers make it a point that there are no technical glitches that may put system security at threat. Our Web-applications are shielded by a web-application firewall thereby adding a more comprehensive monitoring solution that keeps the system from behaving anomalously. You also need to tighten necessary security measures and it has to be quite high in this day and age. If technical glitches pop up they are fixed by our well-trained IT team by incorporating amendments in our system when they suspect a Malware spaying on the network and respond contagiously.

On the challenges that come with Digitization.

In the past, the Internet was not easily accessible and it was difficult to access built-in systems. Now, it is more comfortable and faster and the key to any problem is just a click away. Interconnectedness is the ultimatum to combat the challenges that were difficult to tackle with, in the past that is a huge leap, which has benefitted all the enterprises across the globe in ways more than one. Although we have to admit that the Internet is a one-stop solution to most problems, it has also presented the industries with a plethora of challenges Cyber security being one of them. The proliferation of computer powering is spreading to all aspects of life and that is one of the most exciting challenges we have as we have to utilize the maximum benefits that it has to offer and implement the technologies in the Automation Industry. We often come across how people go through a lot of problems due to data breaching especially when it comes down to using Gmail and Facebook. In this respect, Privacy remains under covered and the matter needs attention. Now that they are handling resourceful and vital information this is something they need to address openly and transparently and incorporate a more sound approach to handling a company’s vital information.

Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Concerning Cyber-Security, the void between the demand and the work done to pacify the needs of the enterprises is gaping wide and to cement the gap we need more trained personnel to address the issue. If you have firm grasp of technology and specialize in cyber security then you may pursue a career in that field. Having said that I think you should pursue a career in cyber security space with good general principles around the standards and then you can go towards technical specialty. There is a lot of academic work that needs to be done in this space to study the complex systems that are involved in building resilient systems and how do we secure it and how do we enable it to safeguard our information.

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